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Monday, March 30, 2009

Not just another walk in the park

Today I decided to go for a walk. Yes, a walk, an action verb quite unused by today's teenagers. But yes, I put on my walking shoes and set out do to some much needed sightseeing of the newly reborn nature (yes, bird poop is back). Now, I live in a small town of about 7 000 people, this little town is fortunate enough to have a conservation area with rabbits and deer frolicking around happily through the meadows (ok, i'm getting a bit cheesy here), but you get my point. As I was trying to enjoy nature, I came across several piles of:
  • soggy mattresses
  • old box springs
  • plastic bags filled with ''I don't even wanna know what''
  • retired sewer pipes
  • and more unknown objects
WHAT??? why are companies or individuals allowed to just throw stuff in the middle of a conservation area!? More and more species are starting to become extinct!!
Ok, not that dear and rabbits are going to be extinct anytime soon, but I think things need to change, even in little towns that nobody pay attention too :(

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Canadians douse lights to usher in Earth Hour 2009

As published by on March 28th, Ottawa decides to set the example and flicks off those lights! Very good of them if you ask me, but one thing still nags at me: are we doing earth hour to bring awareness to global warming, or are we doing it to put a shiny new label on Canada: Environmentally friendly.

As we all may or may not know, Canadian ex-Prime minister Jean Chretien had once upon a time signed the Kyoto protocol and agreed to reduce our country's greenhouse gases by 6% for 2012. With the elections of Stephen Harper in 2006, this protocol has gone under the pile of more "important" issues.

Well call me tree hugger, but I think we should try to make changes to help our planet long term rather than close the lights for one hour and call it a day! Earth hour is symbolic. It is meant to show people that we can make a difference and do more to help stop global warming. Our gouvernment seems to think that shutting off the parliment lights for one hour is enough, well, its time they wake up!

Tell me what you think